Sunday, April 17, 2016

Maxwell is Three Months

Well, Maxwell was three months March 30th and now it's April 17th, but all of these pictures are from his Three Month session.  I'm just a little behind on blogging.  It might have to do with the 4 month sleep regression hitting us a little early and the transition to the crib and getting back into photography and life...just life.  Blogging isn't at the top of my list these days, but since nugget is sleeping on my chest, Jared is outside playing with friends, Ryan is golfing, and Lira is snoring next to me, and I am wide awake, I have a little time to catch up on blogging!  

A lot has changed since his two month mark and we love him more and more every day!   

Three Month Memories
His neck control is so much better and he doesn't hate tummy time anymore.  He doesn't love it for a long time, but he enjoys it when you get down and talk to him!  

He smiles and laughs and coos all the time and responds to you!  It's the best!  He has the sweetest little voice!  Waking up to his coos puts me in a wonderful mood even with limited broken sleep. God knew what he was doing when he created babies and mommies.  I have a bond with this little guy like no other and am so blessed to be his mommy!

He rolled from tummy to back!!!

He loves being on his back, kicking his piano, and being read to!  His favorite books at the moment are "Giraffes Can't Dance" and "Rainbow Fish." Mommy happens to like reading them too!

We celebrated St. Patty's Day with a "Kiss Me I'm Irish-ish" onesie and shamrock leg warmers!

He met his Uncle Ross and his Grammy Peggy in March! 

We celebrated Easter at my parents' house with my brothers and sisters and right after that Maxwell started sleeping in his crib in the nursery.  He took the transition better than I did at first, but now I am completely adjusted to it and enjoy having alone time with Ryan again!  I forgot what it was like to be in our bedroom and not have to whisper.  We can actually have conversations!  Thanks for the push babe!  

He sucked his thumb for the first time and actually self soothed himself while we were driving!  HUGE milestone for this mama. This picture is from the second time he sucked his thumb.

A little photoshoot with Brother during his spring break was mandatory before the rain rolled in. This was the first time he wore shorts!  Baby legs look funny in shorts!

Our monthly Mommy & Me photos were taken at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens!  

Easy Like Sunday Morning

This morning I was supposed to be up by 7am, have Maxwell fed, and be out the door by 8am for a newborn session while the boys all stayed home and had a relaxing Sunday morning.  To say that I was a little jealous is an understatement.  At 4am, while nursing Maxwell for the second time, I received an email asking to reschedule due to illness.  It was a blessing in disguise because while I was excited about my newborn and had everything prepped and planned, my heart needed a lazy morning with my boys!  I put Maxwell back to bed and snuggled up myself knowing a lazy Sunday morning was in my future and it it was sweeter than I even imagined!  I woke up to cooing and happy giggles coming through the monitor, puppy snuggles, the smell of coffee, and fried eggs!  This face is the best!!  He brings us so much joy!  

I never get to document our morning snuggles and kisses, so I gave Ryan the camera and told him to start clicking!  30 seconds later and we had these beauties!  Thanks babe!  I love them and definitely plan to take more day to day pictures of all of us in the future because I am in love with our family and these pictures!!  

After breakfast we were all hanging out in our bedroom while daddy was playing with his new clubs, so I had to take a few more pictures! I think this morning was needed by all, even Lira!

Jared is so amazing with Maxwell!  It seriously makes my heart burst when I see them together!  Every time we leave Jared carries Max to the car with the diaper backpack on and he sits in the backseat and keeps Max company.  We are very lucky to have such sweet boys and Maxwell is definitely going to look up to Jared!! Yes, I have tears in my eyes. 

And now he sees his daddy!

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Maxwell is TWO MONTHS

It's been an amazing two months and our little nugget is growing perfectly!!  He weighed 9 lbs 6 ozs  and was 22.44 inches long at his two month checkup!  He gained 2 ounces shy of 2 lbs in a month which is amazing and surpassed my goal of 20 ounces!  I am so very proud of us for being successful at breastfeeding!  Some days are better than others, but all in all, we are doing wonderfully!  We've even fed in public a couple of times without any issues!  He definitely doesn't like the cover, but I require the cover.  Hopefully it will just continue to get easier and easier for us!  

Things to Remember:

He's waking up once between the hours of 10pm and 5am and then he's generally up around 7 for the day, takes a nap from 9:30-11 and then again around 2.  We aren't on a strict schedule, but he has kind of created a schedule for himself and is fairly consistent with it regardless of whether or not we are home or out and about.  

He has found his hand and loves to suck on it.  He hasn't found his thumb yet, but we predict it won't be long before he is a thumb sucker.

Maxwell smiles and coos a ton!  He loves it when we talk to him, mimic him, and sing to him.  Ryan sings inappropriate songs as if they were lullabies and I sing "Jesus Loves You" and some Irish lullabies. 

He loves to kick his piano on floor mat and he is starting to grab for things.

Bathtime is super calming for him and he looks so insanely cute snuggled against his daddy's chest in his giraffe towel!  Oh be still my beating heart!

Nighttime feedings and smiles are some of my favorite times with him.  He is so calm and happy during the wee hours of the morning when the house is quiet and the white Christmas lights are lit in his room.  It's our special time together.

He is very alert!  He even found himself in the mirror and laughed a couple of times!  That was priceless.  

I haven't taken his two month pictures because he has been quite upset unless he is being held.  He didn't enjoy getting 3 shots and I think he is going through a growth spurt because he is easily irritated and extra gassy.  We did have our two month Mommy & Me pictures taken though and his personality definitely showed!  He's a skeptical little guy and doesn't hide his emotions very well...definitely got that one from me!

He's going for that hand!

Telling me how much he loves me!

Absolutely LOVE this picture! He loves looking around!